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Best desert safari tour operators in Dubai

Dubai is in the heart of the Arabian desert. The amazing desert with a sea of ​​fiery sands and a stunning sunset attracts every person. Most tourists are interested in visiting the Dubai desert and usually choose desert safari tours. The Desert Safari Dubai has multiplied the pleasure of visiting the desert with exciting and cultural activities.

Dune Bashing with increasing adrenaline among the dunes, watching the magic of the beautiful desert sunset, camel riding in the amazing desert landscape, excitement of Dune Buggy Riding and quad biking on the golden sands, getting to know Arab and Bedouin culture, and enjoying a delicious dinner are desert safari activities in Dubai.

You will find that many operators provide desert safari tours in Dubai with a simple search. Choosing a good tour is very important because if the desert safari tour does not provide you with the right service, you will have a bad experience with dissatisfaction. But don’t worry, here we will introduce you to the best Dubai desert safari tour operators; by choosing them, you will have a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Which is the best desert safari operator in Dubai?

Undoubtedly, Island Tour Safari is the best desert safari operator to have an exciting, enjoyable, and safe adventure in the Dubai desert. With long experience, Island Tour Safari specializes in creating enjoyable and exciting experiences in the Dubai Desert Safari.

 The satisfaction level and comments of the visitors show the quality of a desert safari Dubai tour operator’s services.

 With high satisfaction among visitors, the island tour safari organizes more than 400 desert safari trips per year. Surly with high-quality services, Modern vehicles, trained guides, professional drivers, friendly staff, and fair prices, Island Tour Safari is the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai that you can choose.

Safari Tour with 4*4
Safari Tour with 4*4

Why is Island Tour Safari the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai?

Various packages for different tastes:

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in culture, a nature lover, or a thrill seeker; Island Tour Safari offers various options that satisfy every taste. If you are traveling alone or with your family, you will experience a pleasant and memorable trip with the island tour safari.

Trained tour guides

A trained guide who will correctly and patiently answer all your questions during the trip and guide you kindly will make the desert safari experience much more enjoyable. All the Island Tour Safari guides are trained experts in desert history and culture who will accompany you during your trip.

Modern and safe vehicles

Your safety is important during your trip, and using old and problematic vehicles and facilities will endanger your safety. The Island Tour Safari has a fleet of the best and most modern vehicles, including 4×4 vehicles, 1000cc buggies, and quad bikes, all equipped with the best safety features that make you Experience exciting adventures with safety.

Fair prices

A high price does not always mean high quality. In addition, the high and unfair prices of desert tours in Dubai make many people change their minds or force themselves to prepare low-quality tours that cause dissatisfaction.

The Island Tour Safari offers the best services at fair prices. Various packages with different prices have caused tourists to be highly satisfied with the amount they have paid, which is one of the most important factors that has made the Island Tour Safari the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai.

Skilled drivers

Dune bashing is an off-road style of driving on the dunes and is one of the activities of the Desert Safari in Dubai. Skilled and trained drivers should do this exciting activity. The expertise of the drivers makes this activity more enjoyable and safer. The Island Tour Safari with skilled drivers guarantees visitors an exciting and safe ride experience. Their drivers are trained and Professional, and So far, they have not had a single incident in Dune bashing.

best desert safari operator

Island Tour Safari packages

Island Tour Safari offers different packages of desert safari to visitors. All packages have common activities. Activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, henna painting, falconry, belly dance, Tanura dance show, fireworks, and delicious barbecue for dinner are available on most tours. Also, local food and drinks are available for visitors during desert tours. The difference between the packages offered by the Island Tour Safari is mostly in the starting time of the tours, duration of the tours, and exciting activities.

Desert Safari Dubai package

The desert safari tour is the most economical tour package of the Island Tour Safari, where you can enjoy an amazing adventure at a good price. The duration of this tour is 7 hours, and it starts at 1:30 pm. A guide will guide you during the tour, and all services are provided with good quality.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai package

VIP tours suit people who want better services by paying more. In VIP tours, you will have a private car. The duration of VIP tours is 7 hours and starts at 2:00 pm. Most of the difference between VIP tours is the level of luxury. For example, visitors can use local clothes to take pictures.

Quad biking in Dubai package

Quad biking tours are suitable for people who are looking for more thrill. This tour lasts 7 hours, and it starts at 2 o’clock. This package includes all desert activities plus 30 minutes of exciting quad biking on the dunes. 

Red dune buggy ride in Dubai package

The most exciting desert safari package Island Tour Safari offers is buggy ride tours. In addition to other desert activities, these tours include a 30-minute buggy ride, which is very enjoyable and exciting. One thousand cc buggies are available in two-seater and four-seater types. The Island Tour Safari provides helmets and goggles for safety. You must also have a driver’s license for this activity.

Morning desert safari in Dubai package

If you are an early riser or have other plans for the afternoon, the morning desert safari package suits you. The duration of this tour is 4 hours, and it starts at 8 am. The Island Tour Safari offers exciting sports activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding in this package. You can also experience camel riding in the morning package.

Points to consider in desert safari tours

● The safety of visitors is very important in desert safari tours. Dubai desert safari tour operators are responsible for the safety of visitors. From helmets and protective glasses to perfect and well-maintained vehicles will increase your safety.

● You should pay attention to the points that the drivers tell you before dune bashing and fasten your seat belt while riding.

● Listen to the trainers, do the training tricks they give you for sandboarding, and be careful of steep slopes.

● During quad biking, follow the instructions and tips the trainers tell you.

● For dune buggy riding, don’t forget to bring your license.

● Try not to eat heavy meals a few hours before the start of the tour because you may feel sick in the exciting desert activities.

● Exciting desert activities are unsuitable for children and pregnant women.

● Wear clothes that cover your entire body to avoid sunburn. Light and breathable clothes made of natural fibers are the best choice.

● Bring a jacket with you as the temperature may drop and get chilly in the evening.

● Do not forget the camera for photography and an extra battery.

● Try to enjoy all the moments and record happy memories for yourself.


What features should the best desert safari tour operator have?

The best desert safari operator should provide quality services and different packages with fair prices and should have trained guides, and modern and safe vehicles with skilled drivers.

What packages do desert safari tour operators offer in Dubai?

Various packages of morning desert tours, evening desert tours, night desert tours, VIP desert tours, dune buggy riding tours, quad biking tours, hot air balloon riding tours, and luxury desert tours

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