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Desert safari for couples

Desert safari in Dubai is one of those unique and special experiences that couples will never forget. Nothing is more enjoyable for couples than experiencing the romantic moments in an exciting adventure. Desert Safari Dubai is a wonderful combination of romantic moments, stunning scenery, and excitement. 

If you are planning a romantic weekend, a trip on vacation with your couple, an anniversary celebration, or a honeymoon trip, Desert Safari Dubai can meet all your expectations. What is more romantic than watching the stunning sunset of the desert with golden sands? Or Spend the night with your loved one in Bedouin tents in the heart of the desert, sit by the fire, and watch the stars.

With exciting activities such as Dune Bashing, Sandboarding, Dune Buggy Riding, and Quad biking, couples can have unforgettable memories and special moments in desert safari Dubai. And that’s not all, riding a camel and exploring the desert. Watching beautiful belly dancing and a romantic dinner has turned desert safari Dubai into a paradise for couples. In this article, we want to convince you to pack your bags and prepare for an exciting romantic trip in the Dubai desert.

Why desert safari Dubai is perfect for couples

The variety of activities and maximum use of the desert potential have made couples experience the best moments together in the Desert Safari Dubai. You will never feel bored during your trip. Couples can have wonderful romantic moments in the peace of the desert and away from all worries.

Nothing energizes a relationship like sharing an adventure. Imagine watching endless golden hills from the sky with your loved one on a hot air balloon. You feel like you are on an amusement park train during the dune, bashing and going up and down the dunes, feeling the excitement while holding your couple’s hand. 

Most of the activities couples experience in the Desert Safari Dubai are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. This makes most couples come to Dubai more than once

Experience the Dubai desert safari with your partner
Experience the Dubai desert safari with your partner

Top activities for couples in Desert Safari Dubai

Your trip with your couple in the Desert Safari Dubai starts from your accommodation. A driver will pick you up, and you will go to the desert. When you reach the desert, you make a shortstop. After the drivers prepare the cars, everyone gets on and enters the dunes one after the other. After an exciting off-road drive, you will reach the desert camp.

In the desert camp, you will be served drinks and snacks and can do many fun and exciting desert activities. You can have romantic and special moments while watching the sunset in the desert. Enjoy camel riding with your couple or slide down the dunes with a sandboard. If you want to experience an exciting activity with your couple, you can enjoy an adventure with Dune Buggy Riding or quad biking.

After sunset, cultural activities will begin and You can enjoy henna painting, falconry, belly dance show, and fireworks. You will be served a delicious barbecue with local food, hookah, and Arabic coffee for dinner. In the night tours, couples can rest the night in a Bedouin tent and enjoy sitting by the fire and watching the stars

Quad biking for couples

Quad biking is another exciting desert activity in Dubai that couples can enjoy. Couples can go on a wonderful adventure in the desert with two bikes and experience wonderful moments with little competition. Two seater Quad bikes are also available in Desert Safari Dubai, and couples can experience a more intimate adventure from a romantic ride together.

Watching sunset

The sunset is always romantic everywhere. The orange and golden lights of the sun at sunset have a unique beauty. But the sunset in the desert is more stunning. You can have romantic moments with your couple when the beauty of

the desert creates an amazing background with wonderful colors at sunset.

Camel riding for couples

Camel riding is a popular desert activity. Desert Safari Dubai is not fun without taking a romantic photo with a camel. This is a slow and quiet activity. You can have a pleasant adventure in the desert with your partner on a camel. Couples can take a short trip on a camel or explore the desert with other couples on a longer trip.

Camel riding for couples in Dubai desert safari
Camel riding for couples in Dubai desert safari

Dune bashing For couples

Dune Bashing is an exciting off-road style ride in the desert. This activity is done with special 4×4 vehicles modified to increase safety. All Dune Bashing drivers in Desert Safari Dubai are trained and professional. Dune bashing is full of exciting twists and turns with sand splashing around and is a bumpy drive. Dune bashing may be scary for some people, but if you are a little brave, you will experience enjoyable moments. In normal desert safari tours, you share a car with other couples, but you can have a private car by booking a private tour.

Sandboarding for couples

Sandboarding is a sporty and exciting desert activity for couples. You can ride a sandboard and slide on the desert dunes in this activity. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding and is a safe activity. This activity is suitable for couples who like to gain new experiences. The excitement of sandboarding is mild, and couples can have enjoyable moments.

Dune buggy riding for couples

Dune Buggy Riding will be a delightful experience for couples who enjoy excitement. You can have an amazing ride in the desert dunes with your couples. Dune Buggy Riding offers happy and fun moments for couples they will never forget.

Hot air balloon riding for couples

You will experience exciting and unrepeatable moments with a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful desert of Dubai. Fly in the sky of the Dubai desert and see the beauty of the desert from a bird’s eye view. The relaxation and the joy of flying make a hot air balloon ride an ideal activity for couples to enjoy together and create unforgettable memories. You can only do the hot air balloon ride in the morning Desert Safari Dubai tours. 


After a wonderful romantic day full of exciting experiences with your couple, you can now enjoy a romantic and intimate dinner. In the middle of the peace and beauty of the desert, you will be served delicious food such as a Mediterranean barbecue and local foods. Depending on the type of tour they prepare, couples can enjoy luxurious food in a private place under candlelight and be completely romantic, or have a wonderful dining experience in an intimate environment with other couples.

Watching Stars

Stargazing in the desert is a popular activity. The desert sky is very clear, and the stars seem closer. In night desert safari Dubai tours, you can watch the stars with your couple in a romantic atmosphere. You might even be lucky enough to see a meteor in the sky.

Cultural activities for couples

Desert Safari Dubai has amazing cultural activities for couples. You and your couple can get a complementary or beautiful, similar design like a tattoo on your hand. Its name is henna painting, and henna is used to paint on the body. Couples can also enjoy other cultural activities such as falconry, fireworks, hookah smoking, tanura dance, and watching beautiful belly dance and have wonderful moments together.


Why is a desert safari in Dubai great for couples?

By combining the beauty of the desert with exciting activities, Desert Safari Dubai offers couples a romantic adventure with excitement to create unforgettable memories

What exciting activities can couples do on a desert safari?

Dune bashing, dune buggy riding, sandboarding, quad biking, and hot air balloon riding are exciting desert safari activities for couples.

Can couples request a private car for the desert safari in Dubai?

Yes, by booking private desert safari tours, couples can have a private car 
instead of sharing with other couples and enjoying more privacy.

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