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How to book a desert safari in Dubai

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Dubai every year. The number of tourists last year was nearly 16 million. 

Dubai is a city with the sea on one side and the desert on the other. This city has unique beauties.

 Among all these beauties, the Dubai desert safari on the red dunes and the amazing nature of the desert is very popular among visitors.

Desert safari tours are available almost all year round, and visitors can experience an exciting and enjoyable trip by booking a tour from the operators. A desert safari includes riding on the dunes with a 4×4 vehicle. It will be an exciting time going up and down the dunes at high speed. 

You can also experience riding on dunes with other vehicles, such as quad bikes and dune buggies. 

Sandboarding, traditional camel riding, belly dance, tanoura dance, henna painting, and fire show are also the activities of the Dubai desert safari. 

At the end, you will be served with a delicious barbecue for dinner.

Island Tour Safari is One of the best operators offering desert safari tours in Dubai that you can book from. 

Island Tours Safari has a long history of offering desert safari tours at low rates with professional staff and high-quality services. Island Tour Safari has been able to achieve a high percentage of customer satisfaction by offering various desert safari tour packages at fair prices.

  How to book for desert safari in Dubai

 You can book a desert safari in Dubai by referring to the websites of the companies providing the desert safari. Usually, these companies are available through phone calls as well as online. It is enough to choose one of them with a little research about the history and price comparison.

 Then visit the website of a trusted company such as Island Tour Safari and book your desired desert safari tour at low rates. For booking from Island Tour Safari, you should:

  • Go to or call directly
  • Choose your favorite package
  • Fill out the form with some simple information like your name, your number, your email, your reservation date, your hotel’s name and room number
  • You can pay later
  • Check your email after 15 to 20 minutes. An email will be sent to you with information about the time and details of the tour.
  • You have managed to book a desert safari so easily. In addition, you will be contacted 12 to 24 hours before the tour time to coordinate and confirm the location.
  •  The driver will also call you 30 minutes before the time of pick-up.

Desert safari types in Dubai that you can book

 Dubai visitors who are interested in desert safari have different tastes. Some love excitement and gaining new experiences, while others are tired of the worries of city life and are looking for the silence and peace of the desert.

 Some people want to start their day in the desert, and others love nightlife and stargazing.

Some visitors need a more private space for a romantic trip with their couples, while others enjoy group trips. In addition to these, there are many differences between visitors’ budgets.

To meet the needs of all visitors, There are different types of desert safaris at different prices to book in Dubai, including morning desert safari, evening desert safari, night desert safari, quad biking desert safari, dune buggy riding desert safari, private desert safari and VIP desert safari.

Best place to book desert safari in Dubai

If you are looking for the best and want to get an enjoyable experience from the Dubai desert safari, we recommend the Island Tour Safari. It is not always necessary to pay high amounts to benefit from quality services. The Island Tour Safari offers you the best at a low cost. 

By booking a desert safari from the Island Tour Safari, you will experience the most excitement in complete safety with professional drivers and modern vehicles. Expert guides will accompany you and answer all your questions patiently.

Exciting desert activities are carried out in the best places in the Dubai desert, and professional trainers are by your side and provide you with all the training and safety tips. You will benefit from high-quality services, and you will be served in the best way. 

The Island Tour Safari has also respected all visitors’ tastes and has made different types of desert safari available to them at fair prices.

Desert Safari Dubai package

By booking this package, you can have unforgettable moments on the Dubai desert safari at a low price. Island Tour Safari offers you a great 7-hour trip in the Dubai desert. This is an evening tour, and you can enjoy watching the sunset in the desert after an exciting ride with a 4×4 vehicle on the dunes. Experience activities such as camel riding and sandboarding and enjoy cultural activities such as Tanura dancing, belly dancing, and fireworks. For dinner, you will be served with barbecue foods and vegetarian food for vegetarian people.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai package

One of the most popular desert safaris in Dubai that you can book is the VIP tour offered by Island Tours Safari. VIP desert safari tour is a unique experience in the desert along with additional services and luxury for people who want to experience the best of the desert safari in Dubai. 

VIP tours last for 7 hours and include all desert activities. In this tour, you will have facilities such as a private car, VIP dinner table, local clothes for women and men for photography, and you will enjoy the highest quality services.

Quad bike ride desert safari Dubai package

Riding with the best Quad bikes on the dunes is very exciting, and you can be sure that it will be an unforgettable memory for you.

By booking a Quad bike ride desert safari tour from Island Tour Safari, you can experience a complete desert safari Plus, a ride with single or double quad bikes that will increase your adrenaline.

Red dune buggy ride in Dubai package

Experience the thrill of a desert safari with a ride like professional off-road drivers by booking a Dune Buggy Riding Tour. Dune Buggies are made for exploring the desert.

 Of course, You must have a license to drive, otherwise, you can sit next to the driver or in the back seats and enjoy the ride. The best 2-seater and 4-seater dune buggies with safety equipment will be provided to you by the Island Tour Safari, and the trainers will give you the necessary training and safety tips. Then you can have one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

Morning desert safari in Dubai package

Island Tour Safari provides morning desert safari tours for visitors who have other plans for their afternoon or who want to start an energetic day by doing exciting activities in the desert. The duration of this tour is 4 hours, and you will have a private car. The morning safari includes dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. You can have an enjoyable and energetic experience.

Things to consider before booking a desert safari in Dubai

If you are planning to book a desert safari in Dubai, the most important thing is to choose a reliable company. Make sure that the company provides you with the best services and facilities so that you don’t get dissatisfied during your trip. You should consider the following features about the provider before booking.

● First Make sure that they have the necessary licenses and have a good reputation by doing some research.

● Avoid booking a tour from seller companies and booking from a company that provides and organizes desert safari tours.

● Having a long history shows their experience in providing the best services.

● From the visitors’ comments and their level of satisfaction, you can find out the quality of the service provided by the company.

● Compare the prices, and don’t forget that every low price is not a sign of low-quality service, and a high price does not mean high-quality service.

● Make sure they use modern vehicles.

● They should have skilled drivers, professional guides, and expert trainers.

● Desert safari and its activities should be held in the best desert areas.

● All the desert safari activities, including dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, quad biking, dune buggy riding, belly dancing, tanoura dance, henna painting, fireworks, etc., should be available.

● Necessary needs of water, tea, and coffee should be available on the tour.

● make sure about the food quality and health care.

● they should have photography facilities for visitors to record their moments in the Dubai desert


1.How to book a desert safari in Dubai?

You can book a desert safari in Dubai by contacting the head office or visiting the website of the Desert Safari tour provider companies.

2.What should you consider before booking a desert safari in Dubai?

Before booking a tour, we should make sure the safari provider company provides you with quality services for a fair price by doing some research.

3.What is the best desert safari provider in Dubai to book?

With a high level of visitor satisfaction, a long history, a professional team, fair prices, various packages, and quality services, the Island Tour Safari is the best provider of desert safari in Dubai to book.

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