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How much does desert safari cost in Dubai?

Do you want to know how much a desert safari in Dubai costs for you? You are paying for a trip to heaven. Dubai is a paradise in the middle of the desert. People from all over the world seek refuge in this city to escape from the troubles of urban life, and Dubai welcomes them most dreamily.

Dubai has so much to offer that makes visitors travel to this city several times to discover them. Among all the attractions in Dubai, the desert safari attracts the most visitors. Dubai Desert Safari is an exciting multi-hour adventure with cultural activities along with a delicious dinner among the desert dunes. From off-road driving in the sea of ​​golden sands to the pleasure of watching the sunset, the desert safari experiences will remain in your memory forever.

 But how much does this amazing trip cost? Is the Dubai Desert Safari worth it? If these are your questions, you will find your answer here. In this article, we will check the price of different types of desert safari in Dubai and the factors affecting their cost so that you can find the average cost of desert safari in Dubai.

How much does the Dubai Desert Safari cost

First, you should know that there are different types of desert safari; each of them has different costs and offers unique experiences. Also, the cost of desert safari in Dubai could differ from operator to operator. Depending on the quality of services provided and the amount of luxury offered in safari tours, the costs also change.

But we want to give you the average cost so that you can calculate your expenses for the Dubai desert safari. For this purpose, the criteria are usually calculated as the cost of the tour for each person. First, we need to see how many types of desert safaris there are in Dubai.

How much does the Dubai Desert Safari cost
How much does the Dubai Desert Safari cost

Morning desert safari

 Morning desert safari is for early risers who want to enjoy watching the stunning sunrise in the desert. They can start a day full of energy by doing exciting sports and desert activities. Activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. Morning desert tours usually have less time and do not include cultural activities.

 Evening desert safari

 Evening desert safari is a complete experience of desert activities. It gives visitors a chance to enjoy exciting activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding along with watching the sunset in the desert. 

But that’s not the whole story because it continues and provides cultural activities such as belly dancing, falconry, henna painting, fireworks, and, in the end, a delicious barbecue for dinner. Evening desert safari is the most popular desert safari.

  Night desert safari

 If there is one thing that is missing in the evening desert safari, it is stargazing on the beautiful desert nights. Night desert safari is suitable for people who want to spend a wonderful night in traditional Bedouin tents by the fire, watching the stars in the desert. The night desert safari is about 16 hours.

 Private desert safari

 For couples looking for a special experience in a more personal and intimate space, a Private desert safari is great. Most activities in private safaris are customizable and can include exclusive activities and services. 

Experience the most romantic moments on a private desert safari.

Premium desert safari

  All activities and services will be provided according to your taste. The Premium Desert Safari is suitable for people who want to experience a special and luxurious experience by paying more. The difference between Premium safaris and other safaris is the level of luxury offered by them. From the model of 4×4 vehicles to the quality of food and personal guide, everything in these tours is excellent.

Dune buggy riding tours

 This safari is suitable for people who are looking for more excitement in the desert. In the Dune Buggy Riding tours, you can enjoy the thrill of driving the buggies among the dunes.

Quad biking tours

 Another exciting activity in the Dubai Desert Safari is riding a quad bike on the dunes. You can explore the desert with quad bikes alone or with your loved ones.

Dubai Desert Safari effecting factors.
Dubai Desert Safari effecting factors.

Dubai Desert Safari effecting factors.

Desert safari tours in Dubai do not have a fixed price. The price of the offered packages is constantly changing. Various factors affect the cost of the Dubai desert safari, and we will mention a few of them.

Desert safari types

 As we said above, different types of desert safari are offered in different packages that have different costs.

 Desert activities

 The number of activities in the package affects the cost. More comprehensive packages that offer many desert activities will usually be more expensive. To do some exciting activities in the desert, such as dune buggy riding and hot air ballooning, you need to get a special package for it, which has different prices.


The cost of the desert safari packages that can be customized is higher. In some packages, you can determine the start time of the tour, the duration of the activities, or the type of activities according to your taste. But in other packages, you cannot change anything, and you must be present at the appointment time for the start of the tour, and the duration of the activities is already determined.  

Quality of services

Naturally, with the increase in the quality of the services provided in the packages, their cost also increase. These services include the best desert areas, high-quality facilities, and vehicles. Professional guides, less number of visitors, quality of food, and luxury services.


 The packages that include transportation services from your place and provide you with a private car have a higher cost than the packages that use a shared car or do not provide transportation services, and you have to do it yourself.


 With the change of seasons, the cost of desert safari packages in Dubai also changes. When the number of tourists is high, the costs also increase due to the increase in demand. On the other hand, it is the opposite, and during the seasons with less demand, you can book desert safari tours in Dubai at a lower cost.

Plans and discounts

Another factor affecting the cost of desert safari packages in Dubai is the incentive plans and discounts applied by the provider companies. This is a customer attraction policy and sometimes it reduces the cost even up to 50%. Some of these plans offer free additional services to customers instead of reducing the cost. You may get a package that will be offered at a lower price a few days later by applying a discount.

Is the Dubai desert safari worth it?

Desert safari is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in Dubai. A short trip in the heart of nature, the heat of the desert and golden sands, the stunning background of the sunset, riding camels like the Bedouins, a dream adventure with your couple, enjoying exciting sports activities, gaining new experiences, getting to know the Bedouin culture, enjoy watching belly dancing, beautiful performance of henna painters, and a delicious barbeque dinner, make the Desert Safari a unique experience that you will never forget.

But is it worth the money you pay? It depends on your safari tour provider operator. An operator who does not provide proper service in the tour will cause you dissatisfaction. For example, a tour guide who does not have enough expertise, an unprofessional driver, low-quality food, worn-out vehicles, and non-observance of hygiene will make you have an unpleasant experience on the desert safari, and it will not be worth the money you pay.

 But Island Tour Safari, the best desert safari operator in Dubai, offers a variety of packages at fair prices to its customers. With trained guides, skilled drivers, a fleet of modern vehicles, professional trainers, and quality services, the Island Tour Safari will give you a wonderful experience of desert safari in Dubai.

The comments and the high level of satisfaction of the visitors clearly show that the desert safari in Dubai with the Island Tour Safari is worth it.


1.  Is the desert safari cost in Dubai lower in summer?

Yes, in the summer season. the number of visitors is less because of the heat and the cost of the packages is lower

2.  Are the costs of Dubai desert safari packages fair?

It depends on the safari tour provider Operator. Operators like Island Tour Safari have fair prices in Dubai


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