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Important information before traveling to Dubai

Dubai is the home and host of people of different nationalities, ethnicities, and races from around the world. This city is like a fun and interesting amusement park where you can see a mixture of different cultures, colors, clothes, models, traditions, customs, and languages. That’s because Dubai is friendly to everyone.

No matter where you live in the world and what your taste is, Dubai will meet your expectations. But if you are planning a trip to Dubai, you will need a wide range of essential information. Information that you may get into trouble if you don’t pay attention to them.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to everything you will need to know to travel to Dubai. So, stay with us if you want to have a pleasant and hassle-free trip.

Why travel to Dubai

If you do a little research, you will find that Dubai has the highest global standards that a tourist destination should have. It can be said that you will not find any reason not to travel to Dubai.

This city houses some of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world. High social welfare, efficient management, an excellent transportation system, and a strong economy are other characteristics of Dubai. Profitable investment opportunities have made Dubai one of the best areas for investment.

Extensive investment in the tourist attraction sector has made all kinds of entertainment facilities with the best quality available to visitors. Beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, Dubai Desert Safaris, shopping malls, stylish arcades, popular festivals, theaters, and more have made Dubai an ideal destination for traveling, shopping, and investment.

What is the weather like in Dubai throughout the year?

Dubai is a city with a desert climate and is located by the sea. The temperature is almost balanced throughout the year. Cloudless blue skies with great sunshine are common in Dubai.

Winters in Dubai are very mild, and summers are hot and humid. The best time to travel to Dubai is late winter and early spring when the average temperature is 20C°. At the beginning of summer, the temperature rises to 36 degrees, which is accompanied by high humidity. From June to August, you will see the hottest days in Dubai when the temperature reaches 48C°.

But on the other hand, from December to March, the temperature drops to 15 C°. The wind blows from the sea and the desert most days of the year, but there is very little rainfall. There are just some days of rain in Dubai during the year, from December to April, which happen in the form of intense and short showers.

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Internet and SIM card use

Du and Etisalat are the main operators providing mobile and internet services in Dubai. High-speed internet is available in Dubai, and there are special packages for visitors.

You can get a tourist SIM card by presenting your passport and ID card, from the booths in the airport or stores in the city. Tourist SIM cards are valid for 29 days. Various Internet, SMS, and call packages are available at different prices for tourists that you can use. Also, free Wi-Fi internet is usually available in hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Rules and regulations in Dubai

Rules and sensitivities in Dubai may differ from your country. Failure to comply with some of them may get you into trouble or even get you arrested. The most important of them are:

● Many medicines are prohibited in Dubai; be sure to check the list of permitted medicines in Dubai before your trip.

● Avoid wearing improper clothes.Women’s shoulders and knees must be covered in public places. There is no problem with wearing swimsuits and shorts on the beaches and pools.

● Holding hands, kissing, hugging, and affectionate behaviors like them in public places are not allowed.

● Homosexuality and heterosexuality are illegal and punishable in Dubai.

● Be careful with your words because in Dubai, obscenity, violent behavior, insulting the royal family, Muslims, and Islam are offenses that will get you into trouble.

● Drinking alcohol or being drunk in public spaces is not allowed and is dealt with severely.

● It is illegal to take pictures of others without their permission, as well as taking pictures of prohibited places.

● Eating, drinking, and smoking in public during the month of Ramadan is punishable.

● Playing loud music is against the rules.

● There are no casinos in Dubai, and gambling is considered a crime.

● Compliance with health issues, respect for laws, refraining from littering, cooperation with the police and officials, compliance with driving rules, respect for the rights of others, and the customs of local people are essential in Dubai.

Necessary supplies for travel

Here is a list of essential items that you will need on your trip to Dubai.

● Loose, comfortable clothes made of natural materials are best. Depending on the type of activity you want to do, bring suitable clothes with you. For example, swimsuits for swimming or sportswear for desert safari activities. Do not forget to Pay attention to the dress code in Dubai.

● It is necessary to carry two pairs of shoes, closed-toe shoes and a pair of slippers or sandals are the best choice.

● If you need a special medicine, be sure to bring it with you with a doctor’s prescription.

● Don’t forget reusable water bottles.

● Hats, scarves, and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

● Wet wipes, deodorant, all kinds of sunscreens, skin moisturizers, and insect-repellent spray will make your trip easier.

● You can bring your cosmetics, and there is no obstacle to using them.

● Don’t forget your items and accessories for men and women.

● Bring hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, hair conditioner, shampoo, and more, depending on how long you want to stay in Dubai.

● Charger for mobile phones, laptops, and electronics.

● A camera with a charger and spare battery are essential items.

● Carry backpacks, handbags, waterproof envelopes, and holders for jewelry and personal items according to your needs.

● Most of the necessary items are available in Dubai stores, but you may not find the brand you use, or you may not be satisfied with their price. So it is recommended to bring them with you.

● Toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and hair dryers are available in most hotels, but if you don’t want to use them, you can bring your own.

Required documents and cash

Before booking, make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months. Because having a Passport with an expiration date of 6 months from the date of arrival in Dubai is required. You may also need to apply for a visa in advance. It depends on your country.

Having a travel insurance policy is also very important. In case of accidents, this insurance policy covers you. It is better to have identification documents like your license with you. Carry a copy of your insurance policy and passport with you because you may need it at times.

Visa cards, Master cards, and some other credit cards can be used in Dubai, but you should have some AED or changeable money with you. Cash is always efficient. You will need cash for small purchases in local markets.

Arriving at Dubai Airport

After arriving at Dubai airport, you have to go through customs. The items you carry with you will be checked completely because some items are not allowed. You can see the list of illegal items on the Dubai Customs website because some illegal items are subject to fines and even imprisonment. It is better to have your documents ready.

Keep valuables and personal items, such as cell phones, watches, jewelry, cash, etc., in your handbag. Remove metal parts such as belt buckles from your clothes and hand them in a special tray. If you have a laptop, you must deliver it separately.

After passing through the gate, you have to wait in separate lines, depending on whether you have already received your visa or want to apply for a visa. After that, you can go to the baggage claim area and pick up your belongings.

Important tips for people to buy

If you are traveling to Dubai for fun, be sure that you will also decide to shop. The malls, arcades, and markets of Dubai make every visitor decide to do some shopping. Dubai is the best place to buy gold. Low duties and taxes have made the price of gold in Dubai lower than elsewhere.

Electronics are also worth buying in Dubai. Be sure to visit the electronics market. Due to the presence of the world’s major clothing brands in Dubai, many people come to Dubai to buy clothes. You can also buy other items such as carpets, Arab shawls, Dubai handicrafts, camel milk, and dates for souvenirs.

If you travel to Dubai for shopping, be sure to pay attention to shopping festivals and events. Shopping festivals are held throughout the year in Dubai, where you can buy goods with incredible discounts, sometimes up to 75% off. Dubai malls sometimes auction their goods throughout the year and sell them at much lower prices. You can find out about festivals and events through virtual pages like Instagram.

Sightseeing around the city and local transport

According to other tourists, taxis are the best transportation for sightseeing in Dubai. All taxis in Dubai calculate the cost based on the distance, and you can pay with credit cards or cash. You can easily get a taxi from almost all parts of the city.

Metro Line One has stations in all tourist places in Dubai, and you can easily use it. One of the means of transportation in Dubai is the tram. Although it does not provide extensive services in the city, you can use the tram to visit famous places in Dubai, such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Burj Khalifa.

There are also BYKY stations all over the city. You can easily rent a bike and go on a pleasant excursion in the city. Another way to go around the city is to use dhow boats. Small local dhow boats take visitors on sightseeing tours around the city by crossing Dubai Creek, which is very enjoyable.

Health & Safety

You don’t have to worry about the safety of yourself and your family when traveling to Dubai. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world and has a very low crime rate. However, it is better to be careful about your valuables. Put your documents and valuables in a safe place, and do not take them out of the hotel as much as possible. Dubai has high standards in terms of cleanliness. You must follow the hygiene measures.

What is the culture and customs like in Dubai?

The religion of the local people in Dubai is Islam. Although the population of expatriates in Dubai is more than the local people, the traditions and cultures of Dubai are still mostly Islamic.

Local women in Dubai wear hijab, and there are sensitivities about women’s clothing. However, the hijab is not mandatory in Dubai. The people of Dubai have a culture mixed with poetry. Various literary conferences are held throughout the year. In general, local people are very hospitable and treat tourists well. Religious occasions are very important.

In the month of Ramadan, Muslim people fast in Dubai. During this time, eating, drinking, and even smoking in public places are prohibited and will be dealt with severely. There are many tourist programs to learn about the culture and traditions of the local people in Dubai. Desert safari is one of them where you can get to know the culture of the Bedouin people.


Dubai is the best destination for entertainment, shopping, and investment. This city has provided great infrastructure and facilities for tourists to have a pleasant and satisfying stay. This has caused many visitors to visit this city several times.

But with all these advantages, if you don’t have the necessary items and enough information about traveling to Dubai, this trip can become an unpleasant experience for you. In this article, we have provided you with complete information on everything you need to know to travel to Dubai. You will experience a pleasant trip by considering them and following all the tips.


1.   When is the best time to visit Dubai?

From October to May, the temperature in Dubai is balanced. The coolest month of the year is January, which is the best time to visit Dubai.

2.   Can I drink alcohol in Dubai?

It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in public places and to be drunk in Dubai. Consuming alcohol in nightclubs and bars is not an obstacle.

3.   Can I take my medicine to Dubai?

Many medicines that are allowed in your country may not be allowed in Dubai. If you have to take some medicine, you must have the corresponding prescription with you.

4.   How safe is Dubai for tourists?

Dubai is a safe place for tourists, and the crime rate in this city is low. But it is better to follow safety tips to protect your valuables and documents.

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