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The best time to travel to Dubai

Dubai, the shining jewel of the Middle East, attracts travelers with its rapid development, luxurious hotels and dynamic culture. Skyscrapers, ancient markets, beautiful beaches, desert safaris, etc. are all tourist attractions in Dubai. Join us to know about the best time to travel to Dubai.

When is the best time to travel to Dubai?

The first question that tourists ask operators is when is the best time to travel to Dubai? The best time to travel to Dubai usually depends on personal preference, the weather and the activities you plan to do during your trip. However, in general, the best time to visit Dubai is during the cooler months, from November to April. During this time, the weather is milder and more pleasant, with temperatures ranging from around 24°C to around 30°C. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities, sightseeing and city exploration.

In addition, Dubai hosts several important events and festivals during the winter months, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival (usually held in January) and the Dubai Food Festival (usually held in February to March), which can add to your overall travel experience.

Peak tourist season in Dubai

Although winter is the best time to travel to Dubai in terms of temperature, this is also the peak season for tourism in Dubai, so you can expect more crowds and higher prices for accommodation and activities. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and are looking for lower prices, you might visit in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to October), when the weather is still relatively pleasant but there are fewer tourists.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the extreme heat, visiting in the summer months (June to August) can offer much lower prices for accommodation and activities. However, temperatures can rise well above 38°C during this time and outdoor activities may be restricted due to extreme heat. However, with air conditioning in hotels, malls and restaurants, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy away from the sun.

the best time to travel to Dubai

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan

While Dubai is relatively liberal compared to some other cities in the Middle East, it is still important to pay attention to their religion. Muslims in Dubai fast during the month of Ramadan. Therefore, eating and drinking in public places will face restrictions. If you plan to travel to Dubai during Ramadan, the following tips will be useful:

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, so it is very important to observe their customs and traditions. This includes not eating, drinking or smoking in public during the fasting hours (from dawn to sunset).

During the month of Ramadan, the schedule of outdoor activities and entertainment sometimes changes. Many businesses, including restaurants and shops, may have changed their opening hours, and some tourist attractions may open after Iftar. Therefore, make the necessary plans to participate in the activities before the trip. Today, restaurants usually do not follow this procedure.

Participate in iftar. Many hotels and restaurants offer Iftar with a wide variety of traditional Arabic dishes. This is a great opportunity to experience local cuisine and learn about Arab tradition and culture as well as hospitality.

Dubai has several beautiful mosques and during Ramadan they may host special events and activities. Avoid wearing tight and short clothes when visiting mosques.

As you know, the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle, the dates of Ramadan change every year. We suggest you check the dates before booking your trip. If you choose Ramadan for your trip, coordinate with your tour manager to know the working hours of tourist places.

If you have chosen Island Tour Safari for a safari in the Dubai desert, don’t worry about these restrictions anymore. You can experience safari without limit.

Safari in different seasons

Desert safari tours are one of the fun things to do in Dubai. Safaris are highly dependent on the weather. Because it is held in the open and desert. It is better to plan your trip for the winter months (November to March) when the temperature is much milder than the scorching summers. In addition, desert landscapes become more beautiful during these months.

If you are planning a desert safari dubai, this time of year can be chilly in the early mornings and evenings. There is also a chance of showers, usually just brief showers. So have warm clothes in your luggage.

Safari tours usually last about 4 to 6 hours. In spring and autumn, you can enjoy the safari in the morning or early evening. Both offer a unique experience; the morning tours are more relaxed and, in the afternoons, you can see the brilliant desert sunsets.

Since the days are hot in summer, this can affect the timing of travel activities, for outdoor activities such as sand riding, camel riding, etc., the heat can be annoying.

During the summer months (from June to September), Dubai experiences intense heat, but desert safaris are still available during these months. If you plan to travel to this city during the summer, be sure to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen.

The Island Tour Safari site offers several different safari tours in the Dubai desert. Book the best time for Dubai Desert Safari by contacting +971581322197.

the best time to travel to Dubai

Time for festivals in Dubai

Dubai is a modern metropolis that hosts some traditional celebrations and festivals. The best time to travel to Dubai is when festivals are held.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The largest shopping festival in the Middle East will be held in Dubai in January. In this festival, jewelry, electronics and goods related to fashion and clothing are offered. There are usually good discounts on goods. In addition to buying many foods and drinks, there is also a lot of entertainment in this festival.

Omega Dubai Desert Classic

Every year in February, golfers from all over the world come to Dubai for the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and compete for the prize.

Camel riding festival

An integral part of Arab culture is the camel race that takes place in March. Thousands of camels from all over the Middle East compete and win cash prizes for their owners. The purpose of this festival is to keep traditions alive and introduce them to tourists.

camel riding

Dubai summer surprises

Held for six weeks in the summer, the Dubai Summer Surprise Festival is a shopping and entertainment festival. Offering discounts and many family activities, this festival is a suitable place for families to visit. In addition to shopping, shows and children’s entertainment, the competition to sell products is high, so the prices are competitive and low.

Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC)

 MEFCC is recommended for movie, comic and entertainment fans. Fans also flock to Dubai to meet artists, celebrities and exhibitors from around the world. There are also workshops and special shows and live performances.

Dubai International Car Show

If you are interested in cars and technology, then the Dubai International Motor Show is right for you. From the latest developments in the field of motoring, old and classic cars and the next generation of cars are all in this exhibition.

Dubai Food Festival

This festival surprises everyone with various food-related events, cooking competitions, the presence of famous chefs, and special dining experiences. It is usually held in February or March.

Dubai Design Week

The design and creativity festival has exhibitions, installations, workshops, etc. in various fields of design, including architecture, interior design, fashion and product design. It usually occurs in November.

traveling to Dubai

The last word

The best time to travel to Dubai depends on various factors such as the purpose of the trip, weather and season, people’s preferences, and the time of holding recreational activities and festivals. With air-conditioning and air-conditioned spaces, any time of the year can be great for a trip to Dubai. Of course, outdoor activities such as camel rides and car rides on the sand can be restricted. For information and advice about travel time, it is better to contact +971581322197.

What are the weather conditions like at the best time to travel to Dubai?

During the cooler months from October to March, Dubai experiences mild and nice weather, with temperatures ranging from around 20 °C (68 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) during the day. Evenings can be cooler, especially in December and January.

Are there any special events or festivals at the best time to visit Dubai?

Yes, several events and festivals coincide with the best time to visit Dubai. These include the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) in January and February, the Dubai Food Festival in February and March, and various cultural and entertainment events held in other months.

What tips should travelers keep in mind when planning a trip to Dubai at the best time to travel?

Travelers should keep in mind that the cooler months are also the peak tourist season in Dubai, so accommodation and attractions may be more crowded and more expensive. It is recommended to book accommodations and activities in advance. In addition, travelers should dress appropriately and respect local customs, especially during religious holidays such as Ramadan.

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