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How to apply for a desert safari license in Dubai

The Arabic Desert is a rare and valuable ecosystem with great potential to attract tourists. The tourism industry in Dubai has realized its value and has launched desert safari tours along with exciting activities in Dubai. This has created many job opportunities in Dubai. One of them is the driver of 4×4 vehicles in desert safari tours.

Dune bashing is an exciting off-road ride on dunes and requires drivers with the expertise and skill of driving in the desert. Drivers must be trained. Otherwise, they may easily have an accident and endanger the safety of visitors. For this reason, all desert safari drivers must have a desert safari license. You must go through certain steps to get a desert safari license in Dubai. We will guide you in this article if you want to get a desert safari license in Dubai. 

Terms and conditions for getting a desert safari certificate in Dubai

The applicant must meet some requirements for applying for a Dubai Desert Safari certificate.

These conditions include:

● The applicant must be over 21 years old.

● One of the tourism companies registered in Dubai must provide financial support to the applicant.

● The applicant must have a UAE driver’s license for more than two years and his/her license must be valid now.

● The applicant must pass the tourist guide training courses by the Department of Tourism.

● The applicant must take an eye test with a valid result. The results of the eye test must be suitable for driving.

Dubai Desert Safari license

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Getting a Dubai Desert Safari license for foreigners

Getting a Dubai Desert Safari license for foreigners

If you have come to the UAE for work, you are not considered a tourist. But still, you have to meet the above conditions. In this case, you need a UAE driver’s license. You need to change your license with a UAE license or get a new one. 

You can exchange your license if your country is among the eligible countries. To change your license, you need the following documents.

● A translated copy of your license into Arabic.

● A few passport-size photos.

● Valid eye test result.

● Emirates ID along with a copy.  

● Your original driver’s license with a copy.

● A certificate of consent from your employer.

You should go to the nearest local service center with the mentioned documents and complete the process of changing your license. This will cost about a thousand AED. 

But if your country is not one of the eligible countries for changing the license, you have to get a new license. You should go to a registered driving center and open a traffic file. All the documents required to change the license are also required to get a new license. Then you should attend all the classes, and if you pass the required tests, you will get a new license.

Desert-Safari-license-for-foreigners in Dubai
Desert-Safari-license-for-foreigners in Dubai

Steps to get a Dubai Desert Safari license in Dubai

If you have the conditions we have mentioned, Now, to drive safari vehicles, you must pass a 5-day training course required to get an approval certificate from RTA. After that, you can apply for the desert Safari license.

Step one: Required documents

The documents required to apply for a desert Safari license are:

● A valid Emirates ID and resident visa in the UAE

● A valid Dubai police clearance certificate 

● Obtain a no-objection certificate from a tourism company in Dubai

● Tourism guide permit

● RTA approval certificate

● An English language certificate from any approved language center in the UAE or a copy of the international English language test with a minimum score is required.

● Passport-size photos 

Step two: Create an Account on the platform

At this step, the customer must create a user account online on the Safari Driver Guide platform. For this, you need both sides of your Emirati ID.

After creating an account and registering your email, you must log in to your account.

Step three: Upload documents

Next, you need to upload the documents we mentioned in step one. Be careful to enter the correct information because your application will not be accepted.

Step four: pay the application fee

 You will be given a payment link, which you can use to pay for your application fee. You can use credit cards to pay.

Step five: Complete the training course

You have to choose dates for the training course. Then you have to pass a 5-day desert safari training course.

Step six: final tests

In the end, you must pass a series of tests to evaluate your driving, speaking, and guiding skills and your knowledge of the culture and history of the UAE.

Step seven: getting your license

After completing all the steps, an electronic copy of the Dubai Desert Safari driving license will be emailed to the applicant. Also, an SMS containing a link to download the electronic version of the Desert Safari license will be sent to the applicant’s phone number.


Is there an age limit for applying for a desert safari license in Dubai?

Yes, the applicant must be over 21 to apply for a desert safari license in Dubai.

How can a foreigner get a license in Dubai?

There are two ways to do this. You can exchange your certificate if your country is among the eligible countries. Otherwise, you must get a new certificate

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